Taking A Break

Our world today has been saturated with media and mobile devices. It is not a wonder that the biggest percentage of the population around the globe spends many hours a day glued to the media and mobile gadgets. Although this technology has its own share of benefits such as offering educational information and entertainment, too much attachment to the screens is not good to our overall well-being.


I am a game designer, tester and player and it becomes hard at times to remember to turn off the gadgets and screens and get out and live a little. Although I do my best to have a screen-free break for a couple of days in order to ‘detox’ myself from the electronic media, I do fall short at times and so I thought that writing about it might help remind me.  


During my screen-free days, I have noted that there is a positive improvement on my mental, emotional and physical health. Here are some of my best reasons why it is important for all of us to unplug, turn off the technology and let our bodies and minds truly relax.


Dropping the addiction

social media clock

Media is very addictive and if you do not cushion yourself against the addiction by engaging in media fasts, it will negatively affect your effectiveness in other areas of your life. Whether you are a student, a parent, an employee or whatever, if you divert the time that you are supposed to engage in your work to media, your performance will be negatively affected.


People who have participated in media fasts have reported an improvement in their respective works and a significant break of the media addiction.


Better Sleep


We all know how adequate sleep is important to our health, performance and effectiveness. Too much attachment to the electronic devices is not good since it affects your sleeping time and sleeping habits. When you expose yourself to the screens blue light moments to your sleeping time, your brain’s production of the melatonin hormone is affected and this may prolong the period you take before falling asleep.


This means that you may not enjoy enough rest, which ends up affecting your performance during the day. If you are used to sleeping with your phone or other mobile devices close to you, the sound of an incoming text or call may disrupt your sleep and you may end up losing your sleep for a long time during the night.


Helps you Set your Priorities Right


Taking a couple of days off the screens and electronic devices give you a time to re-evaluate your priorities. In case you had given more priority to the media at the expense of better things, this break enables you to reset the priorities and this fast gives you a great starting point.


Stronger Connections


A deeper connection and attachment to your family and friends are very important to our overall welfare. Spending too much time on media can rob us of the important time we should be using to connect to them and a media break gives us a time to reconnect and focus on others.


Time to consider other interests

girl reading a book

The screen-free days give you a chance to explore other interests that are more worthwhile such as reading or acquiring a new skill. These newfound hobbies and skills will enable you to lead a more holistic lifestyle.


New Command Chair Needed

I have been having the same chair for my gaming office for a couple of years now. Since the chair is starting to wear out, I think it is time to replace it with a new one. I have also been spending more hours in the office and thus I want a chair is ergonomically designed to offer adequate support and comfort so that it can avert any back pains that may result from prolonged sitting.


In my gaming mode, I feel like a captain in charge of a huge plane. Thus, I want a good chair with incredible back support for believe me, when gaming, I do sit down for five hours straight. I know, my doctor has been against it too, but this is simply one of the indulgences of life that I have allowed myself and besides, going contrary to doctor’s advice always feels good, eh?


But looking for a new chair can be hard work, especially now that there are so many of those around. That is why I like to read a few reviews on https://officeworthylist.com/most-comfortable-chair before buying a chair. I expect what I buy will set me back a good amount of money and that is why I want it to be good, and worth every dime I pay for it.


When you know that you will be sitting down for long hours on end, you want a chair that is definitely worth it. However, this does not mean that you pay an arm and a leg for the same. You want to look for the best in the market and at the same time, save a dollar where you can. So what do you buy?


I have been able to select two of them among the very best and which satisfactorily meets the criteria of an ergonomic office chair. Have a look at each of them.


HON Big and Tall Executive Chair


The HON Big and Tall Executive Chair is an ergonomic office chair that is designed to suit people of all heights and sizes by offering adequate support and comfort. One of the ergonomic features of this chair is the armrests.

HON Big and Tall

They move up or down vertically and they can also be moved inwards or outwards to suit your arms natural position while resting. The lumbar part can be moved upwards or downwards to offer adequate support to your lower back. You can view this chair on different marketplaces online to see how it operates.


If you love reclining more often, this chair helps you enjoy your tilted position by not only tilting the backrest but also tilting the entire chair. The wheels are sturdy and long lasting and the resin base makes it easy for you to wheel the chair around on any surface with minimum effort. The seat is made of high-quality material that is durable, breathable and the padding is enough to keep you feeling comfortable during long sitting periods.  



Sturdy enough to sit heavy people

Soft padding for extra comfort

Breathable material for air circulation

Good tilt tension which is adjustable

Lumbar support is adjustable



The assembly instructions are complicated


Poly and Bark Inverness Office Chair

Poly and Bark

The Poly and Bark Inverness is a high-quality ergonomic office chair that offers the user the advantages given by even more pricey office chairs. Every part of this chair is ergonomic starting from the headrest all the way down to the seat depth.


It is also ideal for the people who constantly suffer from back and neck pain. The 3-tiered contoured backrest is designed to fit naturally to the shape of your back, giving you adequate support on the lumbar area where support is needed most.  In addition, the backrest can be moved upwards or downwards to suit the users’ preferred position.


The all-mesh material is breathable, comfortable to sit on and very durable. You can tilt the chair when you need to recline and an easy to reach crank wheel allows you to lock the chair when you are relining.


As you can see on Office Worthy List, the seat depth is adjustable and can be moved either inwards or outwards and the height. The armrests too are adjustable for a better resting position.



Adjustable seat depth height and armrests

Great lumbar support

Breathable and high-quality material

Wheels around nicely




Choosing A Chair

Most of us spend more time seated in our offices than we spend sleeping. Thus, it is very important to make a good choice when it comes to our office chairs. A good office chair that is ergonomically designed to offer you maximum support and comfort ensures that you work without suffering from back and joint aches. It improves your efficiency while working since you work comfortably without a nagging lumbar pain. A bad choice of an office chair, on the contrary will lead to spinal and leg problems stealing your productive time.


I am in the gaming sector and during my fifteen years in gaming, I have realized that there is nothing more important in your gaming space than your chair. I prefer ergonomic chairs when possible as they make my back feel better and they keep my posture intact. Here are some tips for choosing your next gaming chair.  


Consider the lumbar support keenly

back support

This is probably the number one thing to consider when buying an office chair. This is because prolonged sitting puts a strain on our lower back region. Thus, adequate support in this area is important if you do not want to suffer from lower back pain. Always aim at finding a healthier way to sit. The chair’s lumbar support should be adjustable to enable the user to naturally fit the chair to their lumbar area.


Height should be adjustable


The seat height should be adjustable such that it allows you to keep your feet flat on the floor when seated. The thighs should rest at a horizontal position and the arms should be even with your desk’s height. This ensures that your arms and legs are not straining when working.


Comfortable backrest


A good office chair should have a width of between 12 to 19 inches. Its height and angle should also be adjustable. When seated, it should be able to support the natural shape of your spine with more support being offered on the lower back. If the backrest reclines, it should feature a locking mechanism so that it does not tilt too far back.


Armrests should be adjustable

The armrests should comfortably support your arms without straining your shoulders. They should be adjustable, moving either upwards or downwards as you wish.


Breathable and comfortable seat material


The material should be durable and breathable enough so that it does not trap too much heat inside the seat making it uncomfortable. The sitting area, the backrest and armrests should be adequately padded for maximum comfort even during prolonged sitting periods.


The roll ability and the wheelbase


Most of the office chairs feature a wheelbase. The wheels should be able to roll effortlessly on the floor to prevent you from straining when you are moving around in your office while on the chair. In case your floors are carpeted, consider a chair that has wheels that are uniquely designed for carpeted floors.


Swivel base

Swivel base

A good office chair should be able to swivel around freely allowing you easy access to different parts of your working desk. An office chair that does not swivel effortlessly will cause a strain on your arms due to overextending while reaching for different things.